Learner Safety


Welcome to Northridge Primary School. We trust your time with us will be rewarding and happy;  filled with memories which you will not only treasure far into the future but will also help shape your future years positively.  We would like to encourage you to get to know your children’s teachers and friends as well as their families as this is the best way to quickly become part of the Northridge Family.

Northridge is a government school and as such it is governed by the South African Schools’ Act.  Every aspect of school life is defined and governed by this act. The Schools’ Act identifies two kinds of schools:  Section 20 and Section 21 schools.  Northridge Primary School is a Section 21 school meaning the school is allocated finances by the Department of Education and the school itself is responsible for ordering stationery, textbooks, paying the water and electricity accounts and organising an paying for their own maintenance.  The school is also able to decide on the subjects which it offers as well as what sports and extra-mural activities the learners may participate in.