In the Foundation Phase discipline is the responsibility of the class teacher and, on occasion, other teachers with whom the learner comes in contact. Most discipline takes the form of a warning or reprimand but on occasion a learner needs to receive a firmer consequence and in these cases a black dot will be issued.  Should a learner accumulate 5 black dots he/she will be required to attend a detention on a Friday afternoon.  A detention letter will be sent home advising parents of this action.

A reward system is also in place to encourage and reinforce positive, desired behaviour.  Rewards come in the form of stickers on the chart.  Once a learner receives 5 stickers in Grades 1-2 he/she will be allowed to wear civvies on a FridayGrade 3 learners must accumulate 10 stickers in order to be able to wear civvies on a Friday. Parents will be advised on which day the learner may wear civvies.


In the INTERSEN PHASE discipline is encouraged and reinforced through the use of a merit and demerit system.  Positive behaviour and good work are rewarded by the awarding of merits.  As learners accumulate merits they are further rewarded with certificates, civvies, tuckshop vouchers, trips to the cinema and the top merit earners are take on an outing at the end of the year.

Undesirable behaviour is discouraged by the issuing of demerits. This is usually only done after a learner has been warned. Once a learner has received 5 demerits he/she will be required to attend a detention on a Friday afternoon from 13:35 to 15:30.  Should a learner continue to receive detentions it will be taken that he/she is non-compliant with our discipline structure and parents will be required to attend a meeting with the principal and the learner’s educators.  Further failure to comply will result in the learner and his /her parents attending a meeting with the SGB. Learners who continually flaunt the rules will be excluded from excursions and camps as a child who cannot behave in the classroom could prove to be a risk and an embarrassment when out of the confines of the school environment.